July 9th, 2005

Snoopy Magneto

The Veronica Mars Balloon poll - round two

Round I : Madison Sinclair

There was a brief apalled moment in the basket. Nobody could quite bring themselves to look anyone else in the eye. That is, until Madison pouted and said "Well, obviously it has to be one of them," waving her perfectly manicured fingernails towards Weevil and Wallace.

"Girl! Are you out of your fricking mind!?!" exploded Wallace in turn. "Ain't nobody here who even likes to be in the same room as you!"

"Got to admit dude's got a point there," smirked Logan leaning back against the side. "I vote for Madison to go see if we have any sharks lurking down there."

Madison's face blanched. "Duncan! Meg! Mr Mars! Are you going to stand there and let them say things like that?"

Duncan just drew Meg closer to him, and glared slightly in Madison's direction. Keith Mars just fixed his attention on the horizon and whistled softly. It was left to Veronica to sum up the feeling in the balloon; "Madison - you're a bitch."

As Weevil and Logan picked her up and set her on the edge of the basket, Madison squealed "But my father's rich! He'll pay you! He loves me!"

"Ohhh..." said Mac in an understanding way, "Did no-one tell you that you're adopted?" - and pushed.

Poll #529014 The Veronica Mars Balloon poll, Round II

"Huh," muttered Weevil a few seconds later. "Looks like dumping that dead weight didn't do anything."

Duncan Kane
Logan Echolls
Keith Mars
Meg Manning
Veronica Mars
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