May 27th, 2005

Snoopy Magneto

*snerk* Obviously I am easily amused.

Going to Hell in a LiveJournal Handbasket by ihavebadideas
Favorite letter
Day you get sucked down to Hell:November 15, 2049
Gets sucked with you:ink_addict
Is your ferryman across the river Styx:liz_marcs
Guides you through the place:ourbeloved
Turns down the heat for you:janedavitt
Argues your case for reinstatement to life:yhlee
Is the guardian of your own, private Hell:houses7177
Turns out to be Satan:mynuet
Turns out to be Satan's bitch:larinzia
Performs the ritual to bring you back:empressvesica
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Is it hot in here, or is it just me?