May 24th, 2005

Snoopy Magneto

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Gacked from jetpack_monkey actually. :P *still bows down before empressvesica for creating it*

If Your Friends Were Nameless Extras On Veronica Mars… by EmpressVesica
Hanging with the 09ers:jennymalfoy
Taped to the flag pole:ourbeloved
Riding with the PCH:tthjinni
Locked out of the Girl’s Bathroom:jetpackmonkey
Selling Duncan’s meds for fun and profit:cindale
Made out with Shelley Pomroy at her party:ink_addict
Cheering on Wallace and the Pirates:cadence_k
Beat out Trina for the role of Dead Hooker #2:invisionary
Never seen outside the Camelot:m_mcgregor
Living in Computer Lab with Mac:yhlee
Chances any of them will get more than one line:: 52%
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