May 21st, 2005

Snoopy Magneto

More Spike death...

Title: Cruel and Unusual
Word Count: 100
Challenge: Kill Spike drabbles
Summary: Death can sometime come as a sweet release.
Disclaimer: They ain't mine.

“Nooooooooo!!!!!” came the scream from behind the door as Xander and Giles finished nailing the boards across it. There was a frantic pounding and thumping as the two of them walked away. Behind them, the sound of singing rose from the sealed room.

“Bit harsh even for Spike,” Xander sighed. “How long does this Eurovision Song Contest normally last?”

“About two hours of non stop alleged music,” said Giles, cleaning his glasses. “But he is a soulless monster.”

The distant screaming suddenly stopped. “Although,” Giles said, carefully staring off into the distance, "Someone might have accidentally left a stake behind".