May 20th, 2005

Snoopy Magneto

Revenge of the Sith

Just got back in from seeing it, and I have to agree with spankerella - best of this batch of three films, but nowhere near Empire. No problems at all with the plot or the action. The acting was slightly better in places, but the main problem to me remains the dialogue, though Ian McDiarmid did an excellent job with the early subtleties.

And yes, you really do want to watch A New Hope afterwards. *grins*

And a quick drabble as inspired by tthdrabbles Star Wars challenge:

Title: After The Show
Word Count: 100
Fandom: Stargate
Challenge: TtHDrabble challenge: Star Wars
Characters: Teal'c and Xander
Summary: The post-film discussion of Revenge of the Sith - and those people not mentioned.
Disclaimer: They ain't mine. For one, I write better dialogue than George.

"Bang! goes the gun and Jar-Jar slumps to the floor, a bullet hole pouring blood from between his eyes. "The Emperor said to make sure," says a Stormtrooper. Five hundred rounds, six grenades and a flamethrower later, there's nothing but a nasty stain on the floor."

Teal'c blinked. “And you are certain that this will appear among the deleted scenes on the dvd release, Xander Harris?”

“Damn straight I am,” beamed Xander, crossing his fingers behind his back.

Teal’c considered this for a moment, then tilted his head in a pleased way. “That would indeed be a most suitable ending.”
Snoopy Magneto

Question of Politeness

So, hypothetically speaking, lets say you've been out with a friend for a pizza just before you go and see the latest Star Wars film. It's almost time for the film to get going, you're collecting up the remains of the pizza, and you're paying by your debit card. It's England, so you're not allowed to add service charges onto that payment. The waitress has been kind, efficent and even bought refills over without being asked. To your horror, you suddenly discover the only actual cash you have on you or your friend is a single solitary ten pence piece.

Is it ruder to leave just that single coin and thus imply she was only worth that much, or should you slink out without leaving a tip, feeling incredibly guilty?