May 2nd, 2005

Snoopy Magneto

State of the Booster Union

It's been a different type of Sunday to ones I'm used to. I think part of this is because I have next week off work which should in theory let me catch up on a number of things. The main one of course being getting the local council off my back regarding the last few years worth of charges they've been slapping on me. Hopefully, this won't involve having to traipse all the way down there. *crosses fingers* Of course, if someone from the council had bothered to ring me back on Friday as I asked them to, I wouldn't have this problem. *sigh*

Apart from that, I seriously hope to get some decent fic writing done once more. I'm determined to get at least one more chapter of California Screaming down this week - or another Neighbours from Hellmouth part worked out. Not to mention the inevitable other plut bunnies that will doubtless ensue. Not to mention Special Project X. *evil, evil grin*

Today's been mainly a reading and relaxation day. Had a nice mixed grill dinner earlier (always fun eating that in front of two vegetarians, though we seem to reached mutual stand off there - they don't mention my eating habits, I don't start pop culture discussions with him) and then managed to read some rather good fic. Mainly from checking out all the archive recommendations from Better Buffy Fics (congrats to liz_marcs who got all her nominated fics very quickly seconded) - kinda confused that someone recced my Lets Go Round Again fic there, rather than something like Sleeper though am very proud to have been recced at all.

But the most fun I've had so far today is reading The Death By.. ficathon entries. It's just simply amazing and absolutely hysterical in places to see just how people are able to pull off assignments like killing Angel and/or Spike by a fireplace, and make a brilliant story out of it. Not to mention things like killing Angel by cat piss, Connor by an immaculate garden or Harmony by a fluffy, purple unicorn horn. Go read!
Snoopy Magneto

What the Empress wants...

It seems to be a monday habit of empressvesica and her minions (yes, I'm looking at you, foxfire74) to spam my Monday LJ post. As such, today we have a nice selection of foodstuffs, alcohol based substances and a DDR mat set up.

Should you actually want a conversation, I would suggest the following topics of conversation:
Whether Draco/Hermione works better than Draco/Ginny, and why not.
Which authors will make you buy a new book of theirs immediately even if you had no idea there was a new one out.
Your most embarassing drunkeness story.
Favourite quotes.
And name one film everyone should see at least once in their life.

Happy now, your Imperial Highness?
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