April 22nd, 2005

Snoopy Magneto

The translated lyrics game

Like I was gonna miss this one.

Three lyrics, translated from English to German to French to English using Google Language Tools. Now you get to try to guess the lyrics, the song, and the artist.

1) My einsamkeit only is a setting with died me (and I) I owe me admit to believe that (still believe still you), if I am not with you me, you lose my entendement give me that a sign struck to me with baby another mark

2) I work all during the night, does not work to me all during the day, the changes repurchases me to pay must am him sadly seems and still, a particular penny for me to give it on the left which is in my dreams me has a plan too badly, if I received myself a rich man that I tromp and would not have with all to work would have, me around a ball...,

3) Each small thing, it, be all it hang by magic precisely me, although it know my life, before I be now tragic only my love for it continue
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