April 21st, 2005

Snoopy Magneto

Let It Go, Anya (drabble)

Quick drabble, blamed on inspired by and dedicated to speakr2customrs:

It was morning at the Magic Box, and the inevitable clearing up after another research session. Anya found herself gently humming as she restacked her highly expensive and yet reasonably priced volumes.

She suddenly found herself singing.

"When I find myself lost filing,
Looking to put back Beldarcy,
Giles softly murmurs ‘Letter B’,"

She broke off abruptly while everyone else just stared, appalled at her. Particularly Giles.

"Oh, penis!" she swore, "It’s that damned mini-Sweet karaoke demon again!" and then proceeded to list exactly what she’d do when she caught him.

Listening carefully outside, Nutra blanched and departed Sunnydale. Fast.

Maybe now, I can get that bloody Beatles song out of my head.
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