April 16th, 2005

Snoopy Magneto

"Idiots" drabble (Angel, no specific timeframe)

Quickly written drabble done for yhlee:

Idiots. I'm surrounded by idiots.

Especially him.


My walking, talking lump of flesh shaped prison grafted onto me by a pack of gypsies.

He’s not real.

I’m the base persona – he’s just a cobbled together shade of the person this body used to have. A shambling idiot who broods all the time over things that I did.

Next time I get out (and there will be a next time) I’ll explain it all to them. Painfully.

The name is Angelus. This is my body, and Angel’s just a squatter.

Why can’t they see that?

Idiots. I'm surrounded by idiots.
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Snoopy Magneto

There will be a brief intermission

So, I'm currently staying down at my parents's new house to help celebrate my father's 70th birthday. Still very much active (coordinator for the county's Neighbourhood Watch) and wonderfully spry, I just hope I'm that good at his age. Anyhow, he and Mum have disappeared off to a party, so I get access to their computer.

I don't have access to the normal chat programs, so if you're missing me, I promise to get back to normal tomorrow. Man, I'd forgotten just how slow dial-up is compared to broadband, and this keyboard really is awful. Still, I guess I now have ideas for his Christmas present.....

My parents used to run a photgraphic business before retiring, and even now they seem to spend a lot of their time out of the country visiting various sights around the globe (just back from Australia three weeks back). So, after the big friends and family meal this afternoon, I managed to give him his present : one of those large glossy printed books of arial photographs from around the globe. Managed to catch him completely surprised, and there was much "Been there", "Do you remember that?" and much passing around of the book.

An excellent and fun day with the folks, and a reminder that yes, my dad is cool. Something we all need to be reminded of at times. (No, not that my Dad is cool, you idiot! Everyone's parents! Yes, even yours.)
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