April 11th, 2005

Snoopy Magneto

Busy already...

Quick dash into town to pick up a birthday card, and the new Garbage album. While that's being copied onto my computer before being added to my MP3 player for work, that lets me finally get round to browsing LJ. So, naturally, I go for the meme (gacked from foenix):

LiveJournal Username
Favorite Day Of The Week
The Person You Marryliz_marcs
The Bridesmaidhjcallipygian
The Best Manspeakr2customrs
The Celebranttthjinni
The Person Who Gets Drunk And Spews On The Brideginnysdarkside
The Person Who Wishes You Were Marrying Theminvisionary
Total Number Of Guests At The Wedding197
Total Cost Of The Wedding$7,871
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More comments of greater interest later I'm sure. Probably. Maybe even a drabble if you're lucky.
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