April 9th, 2005

Snoopy Magneto

Four More Limericks - Woo!

Continuing the Star Trek slash theme :

A nosy ship's Doctor named 'Bones'
Overheard his Captain's soft moans,
The reason was Spock,
Caressing Kirk's cock,
Before long, there were three sets of groans.

And now victimising saluting another LJ friend :

The dashing hjcallipygian,
Is a big Veronica fan,
This excellent beta,
Would quite love to meet 'er,
And examine in detail her tan.

Still talking to me, HJ?

absolut_jmo is known as J-Mo,
The depths that she'll go are quite low,
She don't give a damn,
With her war-cry of "HAAMMMMM!",
Don't piss her off - let it go!

Creator of my new icon up there, and still talking to me after that for some strange reason. And finally, there's this one, not written by me, which I find brilliant :

There was a young lady from Slough,
Who developed a nasty cough,
Little did she know,
It'll last until now,
Let's hope she pulls through.

And yes, Slough rhymes with cow.