March 25th, 2005

Snoopy Magneto

Wooting, Loathing and a Bunny.

Got quoted twice on ljdq in my first entry! *snicker* And congrats to sweetjane_69 and norwegianne as well.

And in other time wasting activities, I've been busy playing Kingdom of Loathing a lot recently, although it is designed to only give you a certain number of adventures per day. *twitches* Still addictive though...

And finally - Like Bugs Bunny? Love the Looney Tunes? Absolutely hate this futureverse version coming up, the new Loonatics? Then, you might enjoy this link A New Bunny. WARNING - not remotely work safe, and there's a lot of bleeped out stuff. Enjoy!

Oh, and this little quote from Peter David about his upcoming Spike one-shot comic:
Turned in the completed script for the Spike one-shot today. My goal--which, of course, I'll probably never know if I achieved--is to have Whedon read it and think, "Okay, why the hell didn't we hire this guy to write for us?" Of course, he could just as easily think, "Thank God we never hired him to write for us." But I think it's got enough twists and turns to live up to his sense of the perverse.

If nothing else, it should please the Buffy fans since it definitively establishes that Cecily and Hallie were the same person and shows what happened at the party after William fled into the night to meet his vampiric fate.