March 19th, 2005

Snoopy Magneto

Long day

Foolishly agreed to do some overtime at work today (mainly to save a bit more up for the Empress's visit - tiara's ain't cheap!) and managed to get back in time to catch the so called Doctor Who night. This basically consisted of an hour documentary, and a special edition of Mastermind. Yeah - that's special.

And have even more foolishly agree to travel down to Milton Keynes tomorrow morning to help a friend get a trailer tent. Because he's going at stupid o'clock in the morning, somone has to keep him awake and driving in a straight line. I volunteered. Because I'm stupid. Still, I am getting another bookcase myself out of the deal, so that'll help tidy the place up a bit more.

*squee* And California Screaming seems to be going down very well indeed. Didn't think I'd get that much of a reception, but it's flowing well at the moment, and part 3's been sent off to beta already.