March 5th, 2005

Snoopy Magneto


Re : the frienditto mess.

As far as I know, nobody on my flist has been stupid enough to join up, and the first I heard about it was yesterday after it all blew up. On the other hand, if you have joined 'em, it would be appreciated if you'd let me know. The whole point about flocked stuff is that it's locked for a reason - not that I do that much stuff under flock.

Still, it's the principle.

And I'm getting a little worried about the meet-up with gianfared tonight. Haven't heard a thing from her, and I have no contact information for where she is at all. The other guy that we're meant to be meeting up with has all that, but I've been trying to reach him since Wednesday.

*frets* At least she has my phone number.
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Snoopy Magneto


Just signed up for another ficathon assignment : The Buffyverse Death By.. ficathon.

The basic idea is each person requesting a fic will specify a character they’d like to see die, a noun by which that character must die, and whether they’d like the death to be angsty or humorous. Sounds fun!

Still don't know a thing on the gianfared meet. *gloom*
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