February 22nd, 2005

Snoopy Magneto

Not dead yet

Just busy.

If you've been wondering at the lack of Booster updates over the last few days, it's just a case of life getting busy on me. For one, I've been sucked into Knights Of the Old Republic II : the Sith Lords (as good as and in places better than the first) so that's grabbing my spare time when I have any. And unfortunately, the writing is at a temporary block too. I have the ideas, just cannot manage to jump between ideas in my head to actual sentences that can be written down.

*sigh* Still, at least I have next week at work off, though it's looking increasingly like that week will be filled with stuff that must be done then. But there is the bright light at the end of that week - meeting the wonderous gianfared in person.

Better run - things to do, Sith to slay (I finally got my lightsaber!!) and presents to be posted. Enjoy the holiday, sweetjane_69, it's almost over empressvesica, and good luck with the move elementalv!

PS - I love this icon.

PPS - Re: Kim Carnes. How do you make a crow blush?