February 13th, 2005

Snoopy Magneto

To Do list for today

1) Write a couple more User Icon drabbles
2) Buy new plug for bath. No idea what happened to the old one, but suddenly realising the water level is dropping in your nice hot bath is always a bit worrying. When an eighth of the plug seems to have cracked off and gone down the plughole, that's a lot worrying.
3) Get a lightsaber, dammit.
4) Friends drabble for larinzia
5) Polish off 'Playing Away' and pass onto sweetjane_69
6) Moderate
7) New hot bath and hairwash. Dependent on number 2 really.
8) Drop week's worth of comics off to Mark.
9) Remember to eat.
10) Figure out how to get the chain off the old plug and onto the new one.
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