January 19th, 2005

Snoopy Magneto


Well, gave up writing as I got completely stuck on one spot (though ironically, I am NOW getting an idea of a way around it) and switched to the beta-ing.

Gah. Guck. And other awe-struck noises. It was good, it was big, and it ate my head. Amazing stuff, and completely finished off my evening. So, unfortunately, no hanging out with the crazy girls tonight. And with what looks like it could become a regular Wednesday night poker game on tomorrow, probably won't be around online then.

Or I could be around online and drunk. *flutters eyelashes* Wanna take a chance?

Apologies to laney_1974 as your beta will have to wait a couple more days, I'm afraid. Sorry, but given that you're re-writing from scratch, I figured you wouldn't mind the slightly lower priority.

Where's a meme when you want one?

*squeeee* The lovely sweetjane_69 has written me Faith/Dawn smut right here! *huggles the lovely sweetjane_69* You rawk!