January 16th, 2005

Snoopy Magneto

*glomps LiveJournal*

Never leave us again. Something Positive sums it up rather nicely.

Not a bad weekend so far though, all things considered. Managed to get round to finishing two fics I'd started a while back, and only started one more to cheer the sick empressvesica up with. It was so worth it just to hear her squeeing and bouncing up and down.

Steelers went through like I expected (though at times they looked like they really, really didn't want to) - like I suspected, keeping the scores tight until the 4th quarter and then exploding the running game seemed to be their game plan. Mind you, with Ben's INT at 2 mins left, I thought the Steelers were gonners. And my beloved Rams team.... man, that was painful to watch, though definitely not a surprise. Time and again, the big running play ripped through them. And once Atlanta got far enough ahead, no chance of catching them. Painful.

Recommended fic: The Zeppo in Gotham. A very well handled Xander/Batmanverse crossover. Smart, good use of continuity and characters, and just plain fun to read.