January 1st, 2005

Snoopy Magneto

Happy New Year!!!!!

To one and all, may this just arrived year be as good or better than 2004. I wish everyone big, big huggles and hope you get to see it in in the company of loved ones. Have a great time, y'all.

Overall, I'd say that 2004, though not forgetting the low points, has been a good year for me, and mainly down to one thing : you wonderful people out there on LJ. You've guided me, helped me, consoled me, made me weep with laughter, and just generally made my life so much more interesting. Thanks to one and all - an I hope to meet more of you in person this year.

Take care, you guys, and thanks.
Snoopy Magneto

FYI - Faith's last name

Eden Studios, publishers of the Buffy RPG, have revealed the Mutant Enemy-approved canonical last name for Faith - and it's Lehane.

Which is pretty damn close to liz_marcs's last name for Faith in the fics she's been writing : Lanoire. Round of applause for Liz, I think.