December 27th, 2004

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2005 drabbles

As spotted in kallysten's LJ, the 2005 drabble challenge.

I challenge you, my friendslist, my friends of friends, and any random passerby who will see this, to participate in the writing of 2005 drabbles (100 words) set in the BtVS/Ats universe before the year 2005 rings in. Label your drabbles in the subject line with rating, timeline and pairing if applicable. After your drabble, give a challenge for other writers, as precise or as vague as you wish. Answer to challenges as a reply to the comment that contains the challenge. You can answer a challenge that already has replies.

DO NOT hit reply to comment on a drabble as we will use the number of replies to see how many drabbles have been written. I will delete any comment that do not contain a drabble. If you think a drabble is particularly good, go to the author's LJ and comment there. Better yet, pimp the drabble in your own LJ.

I'd be grateful if you pimp this around so that we get as many potential partcipants as possible :P

This could be fun. My entries will be added to this post, as I write them.

EDIT:Current count is 35, so only another 1970 to go....

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