December 20th, 2004

Snoopy Magneto

Gacked from foenix

You are NOT the Good One! by the_good_one
Naughty thing you did
Thinks you need a good spankingwildecate
Would like nothing more than to administer itcindale
Would pay to watchnorwegianne
Negotiating for film rightsempressvesica
Pretends to be apalled; secretly arousedfoenix
Is even naughtier than youmeganbmoore
Wants to be spanked too!houses7177
And me!laney_1974
And then the oral sex!ginnysdarkside
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But everyone knows that I'm completely innocent! Pay no attention to the icon.
Snoopy Magneto

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Gacked from empressvesica :
You scored as Epic Fantasy. Congratulations, you kick a lot of ass and are pretty entertaining to be around. Who cares if you can speak most of the languages Middle Earth and haven’t been on a date with a real person in years, that’s what the internet is for. That, and playing hours and hours of Everquest. But seriously, you rock.


Epic Fantasy




Romantic Comedy


Bad movie


Epic Drama




What type of movie are you?
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Sounds about right.

And that's the last Monday before X-mas done and over with, thankfully. Just three more days to survive get through at work. Must get some wrapping and packing done before then, I suppose. :)