December 4th, 2004

Snoopy Magneto

Faith_slash drabble goodness

And on this week's theme of crossovers I present:

Bound - Faith/Wonder Woman (PG-13)
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And I tried to keep the word count down for the next one, but failed miserably. So it's a nice round 200 words instead. :D

Interview With the Vampire Slayer - Faith/Sydney Bristow (15)
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Snoopy Magneto

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Woo-Hoo! And the next Christmas card is here! Thank you, empressvesica! And why can't I find cards like that?!!?

And while I'm at it, how do you do those paragraph lines in your LiveJournal? [/totallyjealous]

Anyhow, for those of you wrapping up NaNoWriMon, here's the great Neil Gaiman on rewriting :

What I try and do is:

1) Finish it.

2) Put it away. Drawers are good. Don't look at it for a week or so.

3) Read the whole thing, doing my best to pretend that I've never read it before.

4) Fix the big things. (These tend to be things that pop out at you when you read it, like noticing that you've led up to the prison escape, and then meeting the prisoners after they've escaped, and realising that it might really have been a good idea to write the escape. Or that the first chapter would really work better as chapter 5.)

5) Read it through page by page and fix the line by line things. Notice that Omar mysteriously becomes Mustapha on page 50 and stays Mustapha until page 90 when he becomes Mustafa. Pick one and make it consistent. Wonder whether anyone will notice that you've put Paris in Belgium. Decide to leave it there, on the basis that no-one will notice.

6) Get up in the middle of the night and move Paris back to France.

Does that help?
Snoopy Magneto

Long day, but great fun

Big Christmas shopping trip around Birmingham city center. Got up at half seven to get going at half eight, and finally walked in the door at home at half ten at night. Long, exhausting and great, great fun. Treated myself to several books and trade paperbacks, and did most of my christmas shopping this weekend. Luckily, I did remember to pick up the wrapping paper this time. :)
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And picked up my parents christmas present too - hopefully they'll like a DVD player to go with the new TV and cable box. Mental note - buy SCART lead and actual DVDs.

But a great day out with Mandy and Derek (without the neices and nephew, so they were happy too :) ) around the new Bullring Shopping Center. Whic I like a lot - it's well designed, multi-leveled and even on a busy Saturday in December not too crowded. And some great shops in it too - the first Borders I've seen in this country! Woot!

Still running slightly on adrenaline right now and a couple of cups of coffee. There's several things yet to be done, so that'll be a fun day tomorrow now, but hey! New stuff to read!

Seen on a T-shirt while shopping : "It ain't going to suck itself!"

Right next to T-Shirt with : "It ain't going to lick itself!"

Right next to shorts with "It ain't going to lick itself!"

And worse of all, shorts with "Your face here" on them.
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