October 31st, 2004

Snoopy Magneto

The Importance of Voting...

You've probably heard about Eminem's latest video, slamming Bush, and urging people to vote. Just incase you haven't, the video can be found here : Eminem's Mosh.

Moby called the Mosh video "The best thing I've seen all year. It's an amazing song and an even more amazing video." And when Moby and Eminem get on together, you know something's up....

The US presidental Elections... It's not just the US you're affecting.

And on a completely different vote note, the ST:Next Gen Balloon Poll has reached it's most critical point.

Picard V Data

And Picard is LOSING!!!! Go! Now! And save him here! Pretty please?
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Snoopy Magneto

Trick or Treat challenge

Another double drabble for faith_slash, but this time featuring Faith and Kennedy, and a semi-sequel to Alpha Slayer. I'm quite starting to like that particular pairing....

Title: Trick Or Treat
Pairing: Faith/Kennedy
Rating: NC-17
Summary: At Halloween, while the witch is away, the Slayers will play... Semi-sequel to Alpha Slayer.
Word count: 200 exactly.

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