September 4th, 2004

Snoopy Magneto

It's All 'Bout the Memes

Your Starship Crew by darqholme
Favorite Captain
Favorite Starship
First Officercgwriting
Chief Engineerdangermonki
Love Interesttthjinni
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LJ House Party by fayray
The DJcgwriting
The Drunkliz_marcs
The Hottieempressvesica
The Wallflowerffutures
The Playerhouses7177
The Gamblergianfared
The Horny Onespankerella
The Crasherlaney_1974
The Love Interestilysanth
How many people got laid62
Chances the party will be a sucess: 82%
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You're Salu Digby, Violet!

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Sounds like a fun party. Who's up for it?
Snoopy Magneto

Anyone up for football?

Given that the American Football season will be starting on Thursday, myself and a couple of English friends are starting up a Fantasy Football league this week. And so we're looking for a few people to beat into the ground play against, in a friendly Anglo-American rivaly.

Looks like 6 or 7 places open at the moment, so feel free to contact me if you think you're interested or think you're good enough. ;)

And for your information, I'm supporting St Louis Rams, Phil's supporting the Vikings, and Derek's folowing New England Patriots.