August 31st, 2004

Snoopy Magneto


Probably the cruelest game show ever.

Round One : 4 contestants and a simple buzzer round, answering questions on the subjects of Cowboys and Indians. Sounds simple, right? Each buzzer in front of each contestant happens to have 4 large catci surrounding the buzzer. And then halfway through, they blindfold the contestants. And start the catci revolving...

Round Two : Three contestants and a simple round where all the answers to each question is a number. Each contestant must run, grab the number and take it back to their starting position. Only problem is : each number is attached to a middle aged nudist's body. And they have to take it off with their teeth. As the host said, "It's amazing how far you can let your body go without actually dying".

Round Three : Two contestants now dressed in boiler suits, helmets with visors, and with a buzzer each. And there's a large gentleman with a paintball gun four feet away. Get a question wrong - you get shot. Get a question right, your opponent gets shot instead. Pretty distracting.

Finally, there's only one winner and they bring out his prizes. A stereo, laptop computer, digital camcorder, computer and plasma screen. All to go home with him, garanteed. The condition, however.... Five questions, one per item. Get one wrong the handymen on the set alter it. Given a choice between questions on bricks or make-up, he chooses bricks. First question, and the Stereo is turned into a bookshelf - large heavy screws through the shelf and into the speakers and controls, then finally hammered in. The laptop escapes becoming a chair, as does the camcorder from being turned into a hatrack. It's close, but the computer also escapes from being turned into a large paperweight. And then he fails the plasma screen question on the films of Stanley Ku-brick. Industrial strength glue over the screen, and a picture of Prince Albert glued to it. "Just pretend it's the Discovery Channel non-stop".

I haven't laughed so hard for ages.
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Snoopy Magneto

Signing up for LJ Comment Day

When: Tuesday September 7th, 2004

Where: On your own LJ, and on your Flist

What: Pledge to
1) Post something interesting and commentable on your own journal that day and
2) Make sure that you leave at least 20 comments on your Flist. The ULTIMATE goal would be to comment to everything that posts, but that might not be possible.

How: Post these instructions on your own LJ and spread the word to friends that you would like to hear from/want to let know how much you enjoy what they have to say. Then, when September 7th rolls around, set a half-hour or so aside to reply to what some of your pals have to say!

Now that sounds like fun. With everyone I know signing up too, then I should have no trouble in posting 20 comments.. :)

Oh yeah, and Just Shoot Me, part 5 is up too. :)