July 10th, 2004

Snoopy Magneto

Babies update

Just a general house-cleaning entry really.

Owain is quite happily settled down at home now, producing some of the biggest yawns I have ever seen for something that small. And very happy with the regular breast feedings.

Lilleth is still at the hospital, and probably still will be for a couple of weeks minimum yet. She started off so far behind Owain, that she's now only up to the size he was when they were born. Three weeks and counting for this little fighter.

Morgana is getting used to the new addition at home. I don't think she's quite adjusted to not always getting Mum's attention immediately, and seems to have a faintly bewildered look on her face when she looks at Owain, as if to say 'what is that?' But she's being as good as gold round the place right now.

Derek can't manage to say 'son' without adding 'and heir' to the end with a silly grin. Mandy just needs to get more sleep - and eat more!