July 6th, 2004

Snoopy Magneto

I Strongly Dislike Mondays

I may have mentioned before that Monday is my busiest day at work. In fact, even the bosses have realised this and adjusted my section's working times to be extra long on Mondays.

I run the final section on one of the two CFC machines at work at Gloucester Royal Mail. These machines are the first port of call for all the letters and parcels that runs through the entire office. On Monday's we have to work late because of the sheer workload after the weekend.

CFC 2 broke down after 10 minutes running and a mere 3000 letters through it.

Eight hours later, the onsite engineers still haven't worked out exactly where the problem is and ALL the work is being funneled through my CFC. We normally run at a speed of between 15 thousand to 18 thousand letters through the machine per hour, with the 18k being very unusual indeed.

By the time I left, we were running at 21K per hour, and I personally had handled 136k over the whole night on my own. While every other station on CFC 1 had at least one helper from the CFC 2 posts. Guess that's the problem at being good at your job - I can do the stacking faster on my own than anyone else in the office. :(

I better get a thank you at the least today. Though Monki suggests I hold out for a box of donuts. Mmmmm...donuts.
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