June 11th, 2004

Snoopy Magneto

Играем в колбасу! У кого длиннее?

As gacked from liz_marcs, who's figured out what it is.

"I typed my user name and had a whole new post added to my LJ. A little discreet clicking through the names at work and I've figured out what it is...a "sausage" game. Sort of like an electronic chain letter. Add your name to the end and make the list grow."

Wonder how long we can get it? :)

{Участников:27}-{nightway}-{w23}-{cherita}-{goldy_kin}-{besyonya}-{alexej}-{ivand}-{ta_tochka}-{gosha}-{candelabra}-{nikon_nlg}-{dziro}-{ven_ture}-{xnrrn}-{allegroconmolto}-{soulscode}-{glassapples}-{nevskaya}-{ningyouhime}-{brightbeak}-{geonncannon}-{jerie}-{seemag} - {skywaterblue} - {ludditerobot} - {liz_marcs} - {booster17}
Чтобы присоединиться, введите свой ник и нажмите кнопку - колбаса сама запостится* в ваш ЖЖ.
* - вы должны быть залогинены и у вас должны быть разрешены java-скрипты.
created by nightway