May 28th, 2004

Snoopy Magneto

FIC : Passing On (20 minutes with Dennis) PG13 now up at Twisting the Hellmouth. Right here : Passing On.
It's a crossover with Stargate : SG1, and mainly features Daniel Jackson. Dedicated to wildecate for getting me thinking along those particular lines in the first place. Ali, you're a star.

Was going to spend time putting up double entries on TtH for all those other 20 Minutes With... challenges that I'd only put in one catagory, but only got as far as adding On A Pale Horse to the Faith section, when TtH appears to have gone down temporally again (well, at least from my perspective). If I have time later, I'll carry on.

Probably a good thing, as I really must nip into town before work and pay out £60 to one shop. *sigh* Good job I did that overtime last week.

And oooooo... my Buffy season 7 dvds have arrived. Now where are those outtakes?

Angel Style by greymentality
First Impression from OthersOthers see your wings unfold and are awed
Your CoreIsolated.You fear love.Though you are love itself.
Potential to Stray from the Light: 50%
Your WeaknessYou keep getting picked to play Death each day.
Your StrengthYou know realllllllly secret stuff
Your WingsInvisible most of the time, but dark gray the rest
Your FocusLove
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!
Snoopy Magneto

Big Brother 5 thoughts

Opening night, and Davina's having a fun little look round the house now.

They've done some evil things to the house this year alright - lowering the ceilings and raising the floors is just one obvious thing. Making the bedroom accessable only from the garden is another fun idea, as is the one bedroom for 12 people. Bonus Evil Points for making two of the beds doubles, forcing people to sleep in the same bed. And the diary room chair looks fun.

First Impressions

Marco : Oh dear. Gay as a ten bob note, but looks like he could possibly be funny. Though that high pitched squeal of his could seriously grate after a while. Says "Oh my god" a lot. Looks a lot like a gay Lex Luthor.

Ahmed : Ex-asylum seeker, looks argumentative, and doesn't like gay people. So they naturally put him in directly after Marco. *facepalm*

Jason : Has slept with over 250 people, according to him. Air Steward, with big big muscules. Flashed his buttocks in the interview and claims to moisturise them regularly. Enters the house in a bow tie and a thong. That's it. That's all. Am trying to resist Anita Blake comparisons but failing miserably.

Daniel : Gay hairdresser who tends to sleep with straight men. Yeeeeah. Not a mincing type according to him. Nice hat. Probably my favourite so far.

Marco has gone straight up and hugged everyone immediately so far. Wonder what he'll do when a woman comes in.

Stuart : Big head - claims to be very smart and experienced in life. Psych student with bandanna and longish hair. Keeps telling people he got 4 A's in his A-levels. Fav band : Busted. Nuff said.

Victor : aka Slick. Black, argumentative and claiming to be a born leader. Naturally, a politics student. Insomniac and wearing a denim jacket with the collars turned up and a woolly hat.

That's the men - now where's the women?

Vanessa : Blonde, good looking and Business Studies student. Divorced after 8 weeks and has a Slipknot tattoo. Met Victor in the heats and didn't like him then. Should be interesting...

Emma : Legal Admin. I like her - she's funny! Hates her job. Dark haired Manchester lass who's been fired from every single job so far. Almost squealed in shock when she saw Jason. "Ain't it funky?"

Commerical break. Btw, Marco hasn't hugged the women so far.

Kitten : radical lesbian feminist. Politcial activist. Enters house in a sailor boy outfit. And yes! She's a vegetarian, and is refusing to enter the house for some reason. AH... looking for the girlfrined. One dash across the platform and one minute's worth of tonguing live on TV, she goes in, pissing the press off as she goes. My immediate pick for first one out. Cut away from house just as she says "Think I may have just made a dick of myself". Cut to Davina just looking in total agreement. *snerk*

Michelle : mortage adviser. BIG earrings and also a vegetarian. Loves sex, loves porn, and probably bisexual from some of those comments. Things that make her sad : war, intolerance and snow. Believes aliens brought life to the earth and prays to them regularly. Fairly good looking.

Shell : History of Art student, and has her own flock of sheep. Loves Sex and the City. Babbles like Willow. Worst experience : having to put a hand up a cow's bottom on work experience. Also long blonde haired. Lovely accent.

Nadia : 27, and still a virgin. *facepalm* Why declare that? Ah. That might be explained by the fact "she's" had a sex change. Moved from Portugal to the UK seven years ago. The other housemates don't know.

OOOOH! Evil! They've confiscated their suitcases of clothes, and are holding them till the live challenge tomorrow. Whoever loses never gets their suitcase back for the rest of their time in the house.

And as the program ends, Shell's started to work out the bed situation. *snicker* Smart girl.