April 19th, 2004

Snoopy Magneto

Meme relapse

I've been good. I've been clean - I haven't done any memes for quite a while now. But it's Monday morning and I cracked. *twitches* I'm not addicted, right? Memes don't rule me, right? *twitches again*

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Snoopy Magneto

More limericks!

And just to annoy empressvesica, here's one for her :

The dashing Empress Vesica,
Discovered her lungs full of tar,
Asking people to nag,
When she has a fag,
Determined to quit - she'll go far!

But now, the maain event :

An eager young Watcher named Giles,
Had to endure some terrible trials,
From Buffy's false nails,
To Xander's tall tales,
Oh, good Lord - they're giving him piles!
Snoopy Magneto

Yet another bland update title

I have decided that I'm not in that much of a dark mood to carry on with TTitKB tonight, but instead I'm playing loud and fast music from the computer, while singing along and doing various little bits of fic here and there. So, here's a little Faith/David Nabbit drabble inspired by one of my reviews at TtH :

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