March 20th, 2004

Snoopy Magneto

Stuff (mainly memes)

A few memes first :

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In other news, Coca-Cola have screwed up again with Dasani. *snicker* For those of you who have missed this story so far, a recap:
Strike one! Coca-Cola launch a new designer water product called Dasani. Retails at 95p per bottle.
Strike two! Somehow it comes out that the factory in Sidcup is basically using tap water to fill the bottles. Thames Water customers in the same area would only have to pay 0.03165p for the same amount of water. Coca-Cola claim that they run it through more filters and thus it's better. Thames Water are not happy at this.
Strike three - yer out! And today, it's revealed that close examination of Dasini has revealed excess levels of bromate. Almost two and a half times the legal limit. All bottles recalled, and about 85% of the stocks will be tipped away by tonight. Apparently the extra filtering somehow added the bromate.

Also, there was a domestic dispute at Bangor (north Wales) at which police were confronted by an irate woman, who said her partner had used scissors to carve the word "sult" into the paintwork of her car.
After the man had been arrested, he said that he'd deliberately mispelled the word "slut", explaining :"I didn't want to hurt her feelings."
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