March 10th, 2004

Snoopy Magneto

More memes...

As located via empressvesica

You're a Wesley/Giles shipper.
They share a calling, and they're both went to
public school, after all.

Who would make Giles happy?
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Singing Giles
Singing Giles!
Accompanying himself as he sings, his voice makes
you melt and everyone loves the guy with the
guitar. You've got a lot of competition in the
expresso pump, even from the gay girls!

Which Giles is for you?
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Oh, good grief. </charliebrown>
Snoopy Magneto

20 minutes with Angel

You've probably got the hang of this from the last two, so here's the link : Twenty - an Angel/24 crossover. Kim Bauer's about to have the worst twenty minutes of her life. The clock is ticking...

Quite a good night for fic overall - two more Buffy/Cheers drabbles on their way to be beta-ed, the challenge done, and maybe a bit more will get done on the Buffy/Babylon 5 fic later if I'm lucky.

All things considered, this has probably been my most productive week ever for fic. Kinda balances out the weeks where I couldn't put two words together unless they were my own name.