January 31st, 2004

Snoopy Magneto

The tendency of the universe to give with one hand...

...and take away with the other.

Just after my mate manages to win tickets for him and me to Sky Sports's Super Bash party at the Ministry of Sound on Sunday evening (Superbowl party with celeb guests etc), the computer gets hit by a virus. It seems all right now after a quick Norton fix, but now of course, the internal fan is making very funny noises.

I'll be over here banging my head against the nearest wall. Don't worry, I promise to top in time for the Superbash. :)
Snoopy Magneto

Final Fantasy X

As a side effect of the sick-computer-thingie, I've finally got around to trying to do one of my New Year Resolutions : finish Final Fantasy X before the sequel comes out over here in Europe. Three weeks and counting till FFX-2....

But MY GOD! Now I remember why I left it at that particular point last time round. I've found my way to the Omega Ruins (after getting two Celestial Weapons and Yojimbo) and the monsters there are nasty. And prolific - move about 4 paces and get another random attack! And don't talk to me about that damn Great Marlbaro... every single time that git shows up, Bad Breath attack poisons everyone and I get to sit there for a minute watching my characters die. Very, very annoying.

I am so tempted to say "sod it" and go straight to Sin and end the game that way. If it gets any closer timewise, then I might well. *shrugs*