January 26th, 2004

Snoopy Magneto

Great murderers I have known...

Well, actually it's just the one.

And he wasn't that great a murderer - the police suspected him from the start, and once the body was found, he was immediately arrested. I first met him around 1990 when he was going out with the girlfriend immediately before the one he murdered. His then girlfriend was a girl in my year at school and college, and the sister of one of my close friends.

His very next girlfriend, Rachel McLean was killed in 1991, almost 13 years ago now.

So why bring this up now? Glancing through the TV listing for tonight, I saw that Real Crime on ITV are featuring the investigation into her death. I never really believed in the phrase 'his blood ran cold' before, but it's the closest thing to it that I've ever experienced when I saw that. Now, I've never had anything against TV shows that dive into the past and closely examine cases of the past, but the phrase 'it's different when it's someone you know' now comes into play.

I only met him a couple of times when he was going out with my friend's sister, but he seemed a nice enough guy at the time. Didn't pay much attention to him then, and only followed the case along at a distance, mainly thankful that she was smart enough to dump him before anything happened. I never met Rachel McLean. So, am I a hypocrite for wanting this to be more or less left well alone, or can I honestly say anything after having watched these sort of programs in the past?

Been making me think hard for the last few hours.

Current mood : Pensive/thoughtful