January 25th, 2004

Snoopy Magneto

Soul Purpose

Got round to watching the latest Angel episode, "Soul Purpose". Now that's an episode.

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All told, a very solid and entertaining episode. And is that a very special guest star I see next week?
Snoopy Magneto

Funniest Mary-Sue parody EVER.

At the Pit, of course : Araminta Malfoy Potter: Taking Hogwarts By Storm

And half the fun of this is reading the reviews afterwards. Some people have no sense of humour or irony. Car crash badfic at it's best/worst.


I'm still chuckling over the 'rousing dirge' bit. And the bed in the infirmary marked "Reserved for Harry Potter as he generally shows up injured after important Hogwarts events". And her house-elf....