January 16th, 2004

Snoopy Magneto

The Ultimate Mary-Sue ?

During my recent travels or trawls through the filth encrusted treasure that is the Internet, I have been encountering the phenomenom that is the Mary-Sue. This foul creature is indeed mocked and pilloried by dedicated Anti-Sues, whom I salute for their tireless and unceasing mocking. However, research has shown me the shocking truth about one of my favourite published authors and characters.

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On other notes, my best mate has finally had his divorce come through. Only two years for a "quickie" divorce. All told, that might actually be good going for the courts in this country. *shrugs* What do I know?

Now what's the etiquette for this situation? It's the 21st Century after all - we really should have worked these minor details out by now. I'm guessing a "Glad The Bitch Has Gone" flowers and balloons display is out, but are there "Congratulations On Your Divorce" cards available? A "Dude! You Dumped Her!" coffee mug as a present? We need a "Divorce For Dummies" book. That would have a section. Someone want to get one going?

(And crosses fingers that he's managed to work out the cut tags correctly.)