Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

The Trick Is To Keep Breathing

Ever had one of those moments when you sit down at the keyboard, and find yourself going off in a totally different direction than you'd planned. One of those times that you have no idea where all this stuff comes from, but hey! while it's flowing, might as well go along.

She's walking across the campus when it happens. Busy thinking about Riley and how she just left him sleeping in his room. And then it hits her.

Some kind of blue energy courses around her, blinding her, sending a tingling sensation down her spine. Her muscles spasm briefly, and then she's there. Wherever there is.

It's dark (but then it always is, isn't it?) and there's a body lying there (but then there's always one of those too, isn't there?). She's standing on what looks like a stone altar of some kind, in a torch lit cavern somewhere. The corpse is slumped across the end of the altar, with a large sword stuck through him into the altar itself. There's nobody else around, and no sounds from anywhere.

She jumps down and looks at him more closely. Pushing strands of her blonde hair out of the way, she looks closely at the sword (first things first, after all) and is not happy to see just how embedded into the stone it is. "That took a lot of strength" she says aloud, and flinches as the words echo around the chamber.

He looks like some kind of monk, complete with robe and sandals. Her eyes narrow as she notices he's holding something crumpled in his hand. Practically breaking his fingers to get it out, she withdraws a photograph. Smoothing it out, she sees the Scoobies. And there in the middle is a certain blonde haired beauty.

At least it would be, if the face hadn't been ripped out.

I was just thinking the other day that I'm starting to develop a certain pattern in my fic writing. Which, when you consider I'm only been writing since August, could just be my style evolving. But maybe, maybe it's time to try something different - I mean, one of my recent surprises was that I could write PWP after all. Kind of scary to lay down my standard crutches of humour and dialogue, but I think I need to at least try.

Any thoughts?
Tags: fic

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