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2005 Fic year

Since everyone else seems to be looking back over the year, and all the fics they’ve written, I thought it would be a nice idea too. Plus, this way I get to have them all in one place for easy reference in future. *grin*

Buffyverse crossovers

Operation Retrieval (PG-13) Sydney and Vaughn meet the Scoobies.

Welcome To Gotham, a series of drabbles in which Faith arrives in town, and makes new friends.
Parts one to four, Part five.

Battlestar Galactica (2003 version)
The Cyclon Detector - Xander ends up in space and in trouble.
Surnames Dawn Never Had : Adama - an addition to my previous Dawn Surnames drabble collections.

Meeting of the Minds - Giles and Grissom double drabble written for elementalv's birthday.

Dr Doolittle
Whatever Happened to Miss Kitty Fantastico? - Dawn and Willow visit the vet.

Fantastic Four
Elements of the Fantastic - Four drabbles guest-starring Faith.

Good Omens
Let’s Go Round Again And Again And Again…..
An old, but never put up on LJ before Anya crossover co-written with mynuet. There's a few other 'verses in there as well....

Harry Potter crossovers.
The Clothes Make The Slayer - Faith/Snape drabble.
I'm Too Sexy Snape - Willow/Snape.

Kushiel's Slayer
A special series of crossovers with the Kushiel's Dart universe, featuring Faith and written with queenzulu and ladylakira. Faith/Phedre mainly, and started off as drabbles before expanding :
Watching, and Pain
The Ties That Bind.

After The Show - Teal'c and Xander discuss Revenge of the Sith. Drabble.

What the Smurf? - Yes, I wrote a Smurfs crossover. Shut up.

Veronica Mars
California Screaming :
Part one, Part two, Part three, Part four, and Part five.
Vengeance is a Cold Thing - fic written for hopingitwasyou and starring D'Hoffryn.

Kindred - Oz and Logan drabble.

The Game of the Goddesses - Way, way too many verses crossed over.

Pure Buffyverse stories

buffyverse1000 stories
Amy/Faith - co-written with empressvesica.
Amy/Jenny - First Hit is Always Free
Anya/Buffybot - Slow Summer Day
Anya/Faith/Xander - Practicality - co-written with sweetjane_69.
Justine/Lilah - Choices

Longer fics
Assault And Battery of the Heart - Faith and Gwen meet in prison. Sparks fly. (ficathon entry)
The Black Knight - icon inspired fic.
The Christmas Party - Dawn/Kennedy ficathon entry.
Frozen - Dawn/Willow ficathon entry.
It's A Big Rock - ficathon entry featuring the death of Oz. *sniff*
Murder At the Watcher’s Council, part one, and part two - Faith and Giles logic puzzle fic, written for empressvesica's birthday.
Of Kittens and Cards - Giles and Kitten Poker, written for elementalv.
Playing Away - Dawn/Faith/Willow PWP co-written by sweetjane_69.
The Empress and The Scoobies - ensemble fic written for empressvesica.
The Goddess, The Minions and The Receptionist - featuring Cordelia and Glory.
Xander and the Birds Of Prey - Award winning ensemble fic! Woo! Some research sessions go better than others.

Drabbles, and short ficlets
Cruel and Unusual - For the Kill Spike drabble challenge.
Hunger - Faith/Dawn drabble.
Idiots - Angelus drabble.
Isolation - Faith in prison drabble.
Let It Go, Anya - Season six drabble.
Moonlight 1 - Faith/Buffy drabble.
Moonlight 2 - Faith/Nina drabble.
Performance! - brief Giles ficlet.
Some Say The World Will End In Fire… - another for the Kill Spike drabble challenge.
...Some Say In Ice - The follow-up.
Untitled drabble - Anya and Halfrek during 'Halloween'.
Who's The Mummy? - blame speakr2customrs here.

Other universes

Just Like Honey

Doctor Who
The Human Factor
Quotes That the Tenth Doctor Also Mangled - quotes one and two

Safety First!

Harry Potter
Malfoys, Weasleys and Weddings - Two Draco and Ginny drabbles.

Pinky and the Brain
Drabble written for ink_addict.

Stargate SG-1
Untitled Vala ficlet.

Stargate SG-1/Will & Grace
Will & Goau’ld.

Terminator/The Tick
Tick for President!

And let's not forget The Limericks section. No, I have no idea what I was on when I wrote these. Or when I wrote these ones either.

And finally, a collection of all the quarter drabbles I wrote. Each one a complete story in 25 words or less.

Wow. That was a lot more than I thought I'd done.
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