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Proper update

Well, that was a long day.

Basically, I finished work last night around 8pm, and while waiting around to get a lift from a co-worker, checked my mobile phone. One message from the brother-in-law (long story here - he's married to a woman, who for all intents and purposes, is my sister though not actually physically related in any way or form. Eh - that's 21st Century families for you). Mandy (afore mentioned sister) is in hospital again - slight worries about the wracking cough she has, and the fact that she's 26 weeks pregnent with twins. The cough has been ongoing since around Christmas, but the larynitus is a new one on me. Lovely.

Cancel lift home, and wait for brother-in-law to pick me up, so we can go straight down the hospital. Mandy in maturnity ward (just in case) and has large black panda bear type eyes from recent lack of sleep. I decide to open with standard "For Gods sake, not again!" approach. After all, she's been in and out of the hospital on average once every 8 months over the last decade - she's just one of those people who manage to catch everything going around, and a few of the more obscure ones too. Anyhow, we're in and then out again asap because we've got to get back home and deal with my niece. Morgana is a beautiful blonde haired 20 month old wrecking crew. She's had free range of the house that afternoon and evening while Mama was going into hospital, and is being looked after/strung up by the long sufferering neighbours at this point.

Let's cut to getting home, discovering the Morgana shaped wreckage and that the three cats haven't been fed either (well, they had but Morgana, in a spirit of scientific experiment, had decided to tip the cat food into the water bowl, and even those cats have some standards apparently). Morgana decides to be helpful and falls asleep almost instantly. Cue frantic tidying, food cooking and general collapsing on sofa eventually. I sleep over, as we still have loads to finish in the morning.

Dawn breaks, and we are greeted by the sound of one very much awake 20 month old demanding attention NOW. Ugh - caffine is added to blood stream, and darling girl distracted by Wheels On The Bus DVD. Brother-in-law turns out to be even eviler than I had thought, and ruthlessly dumps his offspring on me for fun and entertainment purposes. On the one hand, he was doing the remaining cleaning I suppose, but on the other hand, I'll probably wake up tomorrow screaming out the words to the Wheels On The Bus.

Eventually, check clock and discover that I am due in work in 2 and a half hours. Only problems are 1)in a different town, 2)hopefully in clean clothes, and 3) need to go shopping for stuff for Mandy that very morning too. Mad rush to the car, mad rush back for kiddie car seat, and mad bouncing up and down on kiddie car seat trying to get it to attach safely to car rear seat.

A quick drive back to Gloucester, and Spawn of Devil falls asleep somehow on route. Change of plan : I dive into my place, change clothes, dump bag and check emails. Oh yeah, and my Firefly DVD set has turned up. Woot! Run out 10 minutes and one lengthy deodourant spraying later. Time to go shopping. Get to car park in town, and joy of joys! Morgana now awake. Brother-in-law's ankles not entirely 100%, so idiot here agrees to carry Morgana on back in rucksack type carry case. I don't object to the weight, or even the sudden shifts from side to side - it's the knees in my back that I have trouble with. Well, that and the fact that the rucksack thingie goes down to my butt. Which is fine, unless like me, you carry your wallet in your back pocket. And discover this at the front of a long queue in a very busy shop.

We're somehow complete with only 25 minutes before I start work, and hare back to the car (passing by a couple of people I work with, and you can just tell there will be questions later). While de-packing darling child, we make the mistake of mentioning that she'll soon be able to see her mother. Morgana finally notices that she hasn't seen her mother for a while, and decides that a)she wants to see her right NOW, b)shouting loud enough will do it, and c) there is no way in hell that she is going to sit back down in the kiddie car seat. Somehow we get her in, quiet, and me to work bang on time. No idea how.

Brother-in-law goes off to visit, and I enter work, looking forward to relaxing last day of week. I promptly discover that Oxford's been on strike, and we now have an extra 30 yorks of work to run through on top on our stuff.

All things considered, I plan on changing all my phone numbers when the twins emerge.

I have treated myself to a takeaway pizza and hagan-daz. And am about to finally get a chance to see this week's Angel. Frankly, I think that's the least I deserve.

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