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Firefly Balloon update : Bye bye Inara! Dump Book and the Hairdo of Horror!

Day Two of the Christmas Pressure Doom is dawning, and so far, so reasonable. Not felt the need to smack too many peoples heads together, and no casuals are anywhere near me (which helps in the afore mentioned non-smacking). It's kinda worrying just how dismissive I am of the casuals in general, considering that I started off as a Christmas casual all those years ago though. Mind you, looking back, I realise just how much I didn't know, and that makes me wonder slightly. Still, interesting to see just how deep into the culture I've been absorbed.

Anyhow, remember the old Ten Surnames Dawn Never Had drabble set? Have another one:

Dawn "Venus" Adama’s voice crackled over the speakers, "No Cylon activity visible. Viper patrol heading back to Galactica now."

Gaius Baltar couldn’t understand it. Was he going mad? Why was this one woman having such an effect on him – and Number Six? Every time he looked at her, there seemed to be this strange green glow around her that no-one else could see. Even when he asked really politely.

And worse – Number Six was really confused by Dawn Adama, claiming that one moment she hadn’t been there, the next everyone accepted her.

Time to fire up his old seduction routine…
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