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The ever-loffly absolut_jmo has a fun HP Choose-Your-Adventure fic running here. Go! Vote! And if you should happen to pick Arthur Weasley, I would adore you for almost a minute. :P

Besides, given that her beloved Steelers were thrashed by the Colts last night, JMo needs the love.

"Stuart Pearce is provoking provocation." - Mick Quinn

"I don't want to give Robbie Blake any praise, but he was superb." - Steve Cotterill

"That penalty goal has given Albion a psychological lead." - Mark Thompkins

"We are learning on a learning curve." - Rio Ferdinand

"Liverpool have hammered another nail into Alain Perrin's job." - Chris Cooper

"We're giving away a suitcase containing £100,000. That's 100,000 pound notes. If they still existed. Which they don't." - Mike Parry

And finally Man City fans greeted Liverpool striker Harry Kewell (whose wife Sheree Murphy is currently on I'm A Celebrity) appearence with a chorus of "Cannon and Ball are shagging your wife."

And in an effort to kick-start my muses again, I signed up for femslash_santa last night. Oddly, I seem to find it easier writing for ficathons at times, than on my own stuff. Strange.
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