Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

More on that Birds quiz

Got some of the answers thanks to uninvitedcat and anthon1, but now there's more. Help.....

1) Sheryl or Russell Crow
2) A big red rug
3) Glorious 12th Grouse or pheasent
4) Chocolate biscuit Penguin
5) Cider bird Woodpecker
6) Edith Piaf? Sparrow
7) Noah's messenger Dove
8) Twice shy Bittern *groan*
9) Heavens - what a frolic
10) One doesn't make a summer Swallow
11) Lavatory humour Peewit
12) Cat alarm
13) Thief of the ring
14) Pebble talk
15) Three wheeler Robin

and the second (and final batch of 15)

16) Evening pint
17) A singing cricket bat
18) Mother Nature's swatter
19) Two under par
20) 'Pieces of eight'
21) Second half of Leighton
22) Non-alcoholic lager
23) Unfit person after a run
24) Jaundiced tool
25) A blind drug
26) Royal catcher of aquatic life
27) Singing tunnel
28) Wind between dusk and dawn
29) Price for crossing farmland
30) Female sailor
Tags: quiz!

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