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Supposed to be seeing Goblet of Fire tomorrow night directly after work, but I made the fatal mistake of letting my mate Phil say he'd book the tickets. I could have used the internet as normal, but they don't let you pick the seats which is rather annoying. And of course, as we're heading off after work, there's only one showing possible - bit of a problem if you want to watch it on the first night.

Anyhow, so yesterday Phil gets up late and forgets to book the tickets before work. Then, by the time he reaches the cinema after work, the 8.30 showing has sold out. Gee, I wonder why. But, and this is more a case of the cinema being stupid, they're considering showing Goblet of Fire now in two screens. *roll eyes* You'd think that opening night for a Harry Potter film would be better off in not one screen, wouldn't you? Anyhow, we have a chance now to go in today and grab tickets, so *fingers crossed* time.
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