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Happy bloody Easter

Or, as Foe refers to it, Happy Zombie Jesus Day.

Spent most of it trying to shift one of the most wracking coughs that I've ever had. Started feeling bad at work on Thursday, and it's been getting worse since then. So, since then, I've been mainly napping and catching up on my reading. Mainly the batch of Nero Wolfe books I got from Amazon a few weeks back, though Paladin of Souls is probably next on the line.

Incidentally, also a little frustrated after reading a Buffy/X-Men : Evo crossover at the Pit Of Voles. The author's got a good plot, nice twists and very good characterisation (it's kept me reading over 20 odd parts, after all). Her only trouble is a too strong reliance on the spell checker. When one of the Author's Notes warns you "this chapter's a little longer than normal, so bare with the grammer okay?" you know you're in trouble.

The bit that finally made me swear out loud though was this : "Xander was the 'Zippo' of Buffy's crew."

And that's before they want to run an analyst on the moon.

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