Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Woot! Nominations, baby!

Couple of nominations for my fics have just drifted in:

The Bedtime Story Awards have nominated Xander and the Birds of Prey for the Fuzzy Bunny Slipper (comedy/fluff) and Pajama Party (Ensemble). *snerk* I just love those award names.

And a while back, somehow the notification email got stuck in Trash, I was also nominated at Shades of Grey for the same story. Comedy/Fluff and General this time, though I'm relieved to see it no longer listed under Slash. :P

So, a very good way to start the week. Off to work with a distinct smile on my face - plus special work-related bonus! Moron #2 is off today, and I heard a nice rumour that Moron #1 had put in for a transfer to a different section and shift.

empressvesica - *huggles* Glad you enjoyed the weekend! Looks like your parcel was attempted to be delivered on Friday, but naturally enough I wasn't here. They have another 30 mins to get it here today, or I guess I miss it again. :(
Tags: nominations

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