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Things I have learned today

If you go raring out of the house at 8.20 to catch the next train to London, make sure to switch off the alarm clock set to go at 8.30. New batteries may be needed when you get home and wonder what that faint plantive beeping is.

Running up to policemen in Trafalgar Square to ask them exactly where the Canadian Consulate is may well be a good idea. However, spotting the large Canadian flag outside before you ask them is even better.

Mainly though, that there is a strange cycle in these things. Stuck at Paddington for a while allowed me to loiter by the spot where empressvesica had a cig last time we were waiting around there. And that's not to mention the delay changing trains back at Swindon, just like when I met houses7177. And now I get to do it all over again tomorrow.

But Oooooo! Nice Serenity posters all over the Tube walls though.

And I did get to read Terry Pratchett's new book : Thud. Excellent as ever.
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