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Official Buffy & Angel Fanfiction University

For those few of you who haven't read this, it's a must read. One of the first and best of the Fanfiction Universities, created by honorh, it's simply about making Buffy fic writers better. The worse of all the fanfic writers out there are kidnapped and forced to attend the Official Buffy & Angel Fanfiction University's classes until they improve.

Trust me - although screaming out loud funny at times, there's things we can all learn from it. *grins*

Where to find it? It's now being presented again, in order, from the very beginning at obafu. Go. Enjoy. Pass it on.

Side note - it used to be up at, but alas has recently been taken down. Why? That would be due to theCleric007 who reported the whole genre of Fanfiction Universities simply because they use people's names as minor character's names. Half the fun with the Universities was the entire multitudes of students bouncing in and out, and you could quite happily apply to be one of these characters. Half the damn fun was spotting a name you knew every now and then.

Of course, things expanded from there : Fandom_wank.
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