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Fic pimping

Firstly, zulu's masterful creation The Physicist Bride which takes the Stargate Atlantis characters, puts them through the Princess Bride blender, and produces one of the most perfect blends of entertainment EVAH.

Seriously, how can you resist lines of beauty like these?

Now Rodney was the smartest person in the whole galaxy--on a good day, it was more like two--but he had no idea that when the flyboy said, "Whatever you say, Rodney," what he really meant was, "I love you."

Go. Read. Now.

( Physics. Puddlejumpers. Hate. Revenge. Loud, obnoxious sarcasm. Chases. Escapes. Stargates. Lies. Truths. Sniping. Snarking. Strange hair. Scientists. Marines. Life-force-sucking aliens. Strong men. Coward men. Beautifullest ladies. Stick-fighting. Fate. Torture. Death. True love. And, of course, some really, truly, big-ass guns. )

And then there's this : yhlee's Veronica Mars/Buffyverse The Right Combination. No VM spoilers at all, but just lovely stuff.
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