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Still alive

Just very busy. Back at work after those few days off last week while I couldn't stand up on one leg, but thankfully everything seems to be back to normal now. Standard work is/can/will always be very busy at times spiel here. mind you, it's certainly not helped by certain people not being at work this week. It's fascinating to see just which people you find yourself missing a lot, and realising just how much week they did. I always knew how much work Pete did for example, but it never really sank in until I saw his temporary replacement just sitting on a chair swiveling around while everything else builds up around us. *deep sigh*

The main thing that's eating my time at the moment is writing a ficathon backup to help cadence_k. *even deeper sigh* All I had to do was a nice, simple pwp of about 1000 words or so and things would have been fine. Instead I just had to come up with a different type of idea, and so naturally it grew on me. And grew. And with a five day deadline to start with (yes, I'm insane), it's been a spot difficult.
EDIT:Just realised that the posting date is tomorrow. Would anyone be available for a quick femmeslash beta Faith/Gwen Raiden if I manage to get the laast ten percent finished off tonight? Stupid work, interrupting my fic writing. cadence_k had offered, but her internet access is way down now unfortunately. *huggles cadence_k*

*huggles* to the sick empressvesica. Hope you feel better soon, hon. *smoooch*

Not to mention that my comic supplier should be hitting me with the Absolute Batman Hush edition, the Dr Strange Marvel Masterworks, and possibly the Identity Crisis hardcover today. *sobs*

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