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A quick drabble while I'm online...

I did a quick Babylon 5 related drabble the other day for hardlyfatal which she seemed to enjoy. *snicker* It was in a response to her response, so it's dawned on me that others might not have seen it and just might enjoy it too.

Kosh inwardly sighed in relief as he entered his living ship. Here, in the very centre of Vorlon technology, he could relax and shed his environment suit.

The seals hissed as the smell of the air of home flooded his senses. The armour folded itself away as he stepped free one more time from his confinement.

One day he would be able to return to his beloved forests. One day they would all be able to return to Earth.

But their enemies were still looking for them, after all these long years of fleeing.

Stupid bloody fangirls, thought Legolas darkly.

More later.
Tags: drabbles, fic
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